Hello world. Here’s why I’m writing…

I started this site to have a conversation about direct marketing for nonprofits. There are precious few of us who do this as a vocation and avocation and yet we often share only at conferences. Even then, it became death by PowerPoint with your notes making little sense when you get back to your desk.

Additionally, there are great and passionate advocates for our industry – many of whom I will link to and praise when possible – but few who start at the nuts and bolts level, explaining terms as they go. This will be an attempt to do so.

My goal is to structure this like the New York Times crossword – Mondays will be the simplest and they will get to progressively more complex content throughout the week. And I’ll try to make it hew to a theme for each week.

If you want more information on any topic, let me know in the comments, or you can email me here. I want to hear what would be helpful for you. Most of these topics are fractal-ish; in working on the first post on whether you need a direct marketing program, I mention online acquisition, which can bring up Google Grants, which can bring up keyword selection, which can get to negative keywords, and so on. I want to get as general or as specific as you want.

If you want to keep abreast of these, you can sign up for a weekly digest of these posts at the right. And I’ll try to keep some email only content aside just for subscribers.

What’s the business model for this? Don’t know yet if there will be any business model. Mostly, I want to help increase your knowledge and my own. Happy reading and please let me know your thoughts!

Hello world. Here’s why I’m writing…

Please share your thoughts.

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