My final regular Direct to Donor blog post

This will be my final regular daily blog post. After almost 14 years at MADD, an organization whose mission and people I love now and always, it’s time for my next adventure.

I will be joining the DonorVoice team on August 9.  Hopefully, you’ve seen a passion for 1) science, 2) nonprofits and 3) improving donor experiences on this blog.  At DonorVoice, I’m going to get to combine all of these, helping nonprofits listen to donors and (shockingly) act on them to decrease donor bleed, along with using the latest behavioral science research to improve the ways we ask.  So I’m very excited.

While I’m not blogging here, I’ll be blogging, Webcast-ing, white-papering, and other made-up verbs on the DonorVoice platform. Hope to see you there and hope I can continue to create things of value for you. And I’m going to keep this site up so you can still have access to old pieces and the occasional personal post.

My final regular Direct to Donor blog post

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